How to get loyal customers through SMS Marketing

If you haven’t started looking for ways to add SMS text message marketing to your marketing mix, now is the time. Yes, I know apps are the craze these days but we are still at about 72% smartphone penetration in Nigeria. That means there may still be a lot of your customers that don’t have smartphones. Also, just because they have a smartphone doesn’t mean they use it for all that it is capable of. One of the great things about SMS [...]

To be Online or Not to be Online

The world is fast becoming a global village and boundaries are fast disappearing. You do not need to worry about importation duties and custom procedures anymore in moving your goods and services out and into your locations. There is so much opportunities and industries still not discovered, crying out for expression. With the rapid down fall of world economy and dot-com companies in recent years many brick-and-mortar companies and new start-ups ask themselves: To Be Online or Not to Be [...]

Important Information before sending your Bulk SMS

We like you to pay a close attention to this because your message will not be delivered if you do not avoid the following banned words in your sender ID & SMS content: 1. Please do not use a phone number as your SENDER ID or in the body of your message. GLO forbids it. 2. Kindly avoid using brand names that is not yours in your SENDER ID. For example, MTN, GTBank, GLO, Lacesera, etc. 3. Please do not combine alphabets with numbers such as FIFA2013, ICPC2020 [...]


Today’s write up is about a German born Engineer who has been influential in setting mobile telecommunication standards. He was born in Warstein in 1940 and even as a child he was active in armateur radio. He is no other than Friedhelm Hillebrand. Alone in a room in his home, he sat typing away on his typewriter random sentences and questions on a sheet of paper. After getting a deluge of sentences, Hillebrand counted the number of letters, numbers, punctuation [...]

Mobile number Portability and GSM services- Merits and Demerits 

In the year 2013, the Nigerian telecommunications industry introduced the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) service, a service that affords you the opportunity to retain your phone number identity while you switch to another network provider.This was as a result of popular demand where customers wanted to switch but did not want to lose their numbers with which they were farmiliar with. This service has brought along its merits and demerits. Here are some of them.    ADVANTAGES OF MOBILE NUMBER PORTABILITY One of [...]

5 Reasons Your Business Needs To Be Online This Year

Consider this: Although diminishing due to bad economy, average growth of e-commerce is around 25 % per year. 81% of small businesses that have an online presence during last year’s holiday season reached new customers, leading to an increase in sales and profitability according to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive. Thirty percent of small businesses with a web presence and fewer than 20 employees now generate more than 25% of their revenue online claims Gartner research. If this does [...]

Improve Communication By Using Bulk SMS

In a mobile-driven planet, SMS has proved to be one of the most essential tool in business. It's is not just enough to want to communicate, but to do so in a simple, fast and effective way and iamsms fits that bill.Our vision is to recreate the art of communication, making it simple, effective with positive feedbacks at the best value