Pricing & Payment

IAmSMS Pricing and SMS Units purchase

We offer our clients the most affordable SMS pricing plan in Nigeria for as low as N1.72/SMS and we deliver to all GSM at networks at 1 unit/SMS. The plan affords you pay less as you buy more SMS units. No minimum unit, you can buy as low as 1 unit of SMS and as much as you desire.

Volume (Units) Price/Unit (Naira)
1 – 49,999 units 1.99
50,000 units Upwards 1.98

We Deliver to ALL GSM Networks at 1 Unit/SMS

SMS units do not expire, that is, there is lifetime SMS validity. You can thus buy as many as you want at once.

Ways To Buy More SMS Units.

  • Online Payment With a Naira Debit Card - ATM Card (Instant Crediting)
  • ATM Machine (Instant Crediting)
  • Direct Bank Deposit (Delayed Crediting)
  • Internet Banking and Mobile Money Transfer (Delayed Crediting)

1. Online Payment With a Naira Debit Card - ATM Card
(Instant Crediting)

To save the cost of visiting the bank and to save time, you can use any Naira Debit Card (ATM Card) to purchase SMS online. Clients' SMS accounts are credited instantly once the transactions are completed.
All transactions are carried out by Interswitch, Inc. Thus, all transactions are safe and secured.
Click Here to Buy SMS using an ATM Card
Click Here for the Step-by-Step guide of how to buy SMS units online with an ATM Card

2. Direct Bank Deposit (Delayed Crediting)

To get more SMS units by direct bank deposit, please pay into any of the accounts below. Please remember to always use your IAMSMS Username as the Depositor's Name on the Deposit Teller.

Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank PLC


Account Number: 0179301514

After making your deposit please SMS the following to 09081857315

  • Bank Name
  • Bank Branch
  • Amount Deposited
  • Teller Number
  • Name of Depositor (ie IAMSMS Login Username)
Your IAMSMS Solutions Account will be credited immediately your payment reflects

3. Internet Banking and Mobile Money Transfer
(Delayed Crediting)

We also accept payment via direct fund transfer to any of our bank account listed above. In addition any of the payment processors available in Nigeria can be used. Please contact the concerned bank or payment processor for details on how to use any of these online payment systems.
After successful transactions, send the following by SMS to 0908185731 or email

  • Your Username
  • Amount Transferred
  • The Account Name where the money was transferred
  • Mode of Payment (ie Internet Transfer)
Your payment will then be processed and your SMS account credited.